Interactive Web Portal and Incentive Management Services

Department of Health and Human Services


Contractor shall provide a web-based, health promotion product that is part of an existing NCQA WHP accredited solution. It shall connect Federal employees to on-site and virtual FOH resources specific to their agency and/or worksite (e.g. Clinic, Wellness/Fitness Center, telephonic Work Life Services) and provide comprehensive self - management tools, targeted interventions, and interactive contacts to foster program engagement. It will include an online Health Assessment (HA) (also known as health risk appraisal or HRA), personalized healthy lifestyle information, and tailored tracking and assessment tools to deliver a complete interactive wellness and health promotion system for eligible Federal employees of FOH's customers, as appropriate.

This web-based system shall be comprehensive with a documented track record of sustained engagement and health risk reduction that allows federal employees to achieve goals based on their interests, ability, and health status in all wellness dimensions including physical activity, healthy weight maintenance, smoking cessation, managing stress, healthy eating, avoiding risky drinking, and identifying depressive symptoms.

The second objective of this contract is to obtain NCQA WHP accredited telephonic health coaching services that directly integrate with the web-based platform, as an available option to meet specific FOH client needs. Coaching services will complement and reinforce the health promotion content, tools, and capabilities offered through the web-based platform.

The online wellness self - management tool and telephonic health coaching is directly tied to "One HHS" Program Objective 13: Emphasize Prevention and Healthy Living ( It also supports FOH's mission objectives to improve the health, safety, and productivity of the government workforce. This tool will enhance the services FOH currently offers to FOH client participants by providing an advanced health promotion web system and telephonic health coaching support from a single NCQA WHP accredited vendor that can be used by FOH's health promotion experts to manage the provision, customization and reporting on high-quality health services and provide immediate, individualized feedback to customers in the Federal government.



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