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Defense Media Activity Marine Corps Production requires a mobile application and responsive design website to efficiently and effectively engage its six core demographics, which include active duty Marines, potential Marines, reserve Marines, retirees, family members and the general public. The app’s primary focus will be to provide an engaging, interactive and competitive experience consistent with the Marine Corps’ culture. The app shall facilitate habitual use and consumption of news and information, via rewards based gamification, with a primary focus on 25 year old and under Marines given this demographic represents 61% of the Marine Corps and a primary communication objective for the Commandant.

The scope of this contract is to provide the Government all necessary services and resources for the design, development and maintenance of a new Marine Corps mobile and tablet application, as well as a responsive design website for Marines Magazine. The tasks under this contract include support in the areas of research and assessment, graphic design, website and application design, development/programming, deployment and maintenance.


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